By the time you’ve finished skimming the menu, the social landscape has evolved. That’s intimidating… and the reason why I’m here to help you. Whether you just need a little bite to hold you over, or are looking for the whole enchilada, let’s get social.

Appeteasers 45 minute bite-sized sessions – $75/sesh

Directional Dim Sum – Head spinning? Not sure which direction to head in? Let’s take 45 minutes and chat it out.

Twitter Salad – Let’s talk tweets. How should you be using Twitter? Who should you be talking to? What the &$*@ does a hashtag even do??

Facebook Carpaccio – I’ll take the first 10 minutes to learn how you currently manage your Facebook page, and the next 35 minutes to change your life.

Snapchat Caprese – Looking to access a younger (informed) demographic? Two words: Snap. Chat.

Instagram Sliders – The new Facebook of the 20-35 age group – this is the Michelle Obama of social channels… classy, refined, elegant, but still fly as hell. If you’re not using Instagram to promote your business, this session is a must.

Pinterest Tartine – Think you wouldn’t benefit from this channel? Try me. Restaurant? Recipes Board. Realtor? Design Board. Okay… those were easy ones… Kid’s Clothier? Arts & Crafts Board. Dentist? Lipstick Board. Accountant? Vacation Board. Jewler? Wedding Board. Pinterest is aspirational and creative – a place to show your brand’s personality.

Mains –  Ongoing consultation/management – market price **All Mains are served with a side of analysis of current social strategy and suggestions for improvements. 

Content Bolognese – Predetermined number of posts/blogs/website updates per month/quarter written by me, posted by you.

Duo of Channels – Pick two social channels, I’ll take them over for one month to get them back on track, engage customers, build audience.

Pistachio Encrusted Analytics – Monthly reports on your current social efforts and suggestions for improvement/audience retention and growth.

Seminar Confit – Recurring social sessions for your social staff on a bi-monthly basis, consultation via email & Skype calls as needed in the interim.

Advertising Vichyssoise – I will turn your dollars into followers, customers, and brand affinity.

The Whole Enchilada – I will produce, post, monitor, advertise, analyze and report on all applicable social channels. I will simultaneously grow your brand and your business while producing entertaining, on-brand content to retain current clients, and gain new ones.

Dessert One time coffee/cocktail session to figure out how we can best work together. You bring your budget, I’ll bring some ideas for your business. 30 minutes, $50.