Welcome! Here’s a little bit about me – who I am, what I do and why I even have a website in the first place.

I’ve never lived more than a few miles from the ocean and truly believe it has restorative powers.

My phone auto-corrects Starbucks to Star-bo-billionaires because that’s what I call Starbucks.

I cook a lot, read a lot and love a super hoppy IPA. My perfect day is one spent with my husband and I guess also our baby can come too.

I 9-5 it at the International Fund for Animal Welfare which makes me feel good about watching basically everything on Bravo. My side hussle is socially fox – free lance marketing outfit specializing in any and all of it – social, event planning, pr, website… you name it.

I mostly made this website for new free lance clients (check out my menu section if that’s you) but it’s evolved into more of a blog where I drone on about whatever. It’s the millennial version of a diary – because if you do anything without posting it to the internet… does it really count?

So, scroll on if you’re bored enough that you’ve reached the point where that sounds interesting.