Prediction: Social Renaissance

In the wake of #deleteFacebook there lies opportunity. We are at the precipice of a new social landscape – and we, the users, are in control. With so many celebrities (Elon Musk) and business influencers (the guy who co-founded WhatsApp) leaving Facebook so too leave people who think Tesla is cool, and whoever the guy from WhatsApp was able to convince.

Obviously, FB is a behemoth – it is both David and Goliath. FB owns Instagram, they own WhatsApp and their new WATCH channel is poised to take a significant slice from the Netflix/Hulu/Amazon pie.

“Facebook Apocalypse” is nothing to scoff at… I mean Zuck is readying himself to testify before Congress and all of this news comes mere weeks after FB announced that they will be a channel for the people, prioritizing ‘meaningful interactions’ between users, not Pages. This announcement pissed a lot of businesses (read: advertisers) off. Now they’ve gone and pissed off their users. What’s left?


We can take our lives back! We the people can demand better and do better. When’s the last time you sat at a bar without staring at your phone, or just ate your caprese salad without gramming it first? Can you even remember a time before everything was a meme?

Okay maybe we don’t have to be so extreme – I mean if you sit at a bar alone without your phone you’ll look like a bonafide psychopath. And how are you supposed to shame your friends for not being as healthy as you without IG proof? We live in an age of #picsoritdidnthappen and I think we should embrace it. But let’s do it on our terms.
If Facebook isn’t where it’s at anymore, let’s try somewhere else. Have you heard of Vero? It’s the newest social platform and real talk – it’s kind of a piece of shit right now but it has potential! Kylie Jenner already demolished Snapchat, so let’s demand IG stories do what we want it to do… why can’t we have group story chats? And when will I be able to edit a got dang tweet for crying out loud?

Please don’t try to get me to vote for Trump by showing me pictures of Hillary Clinton in a shark costume and don’t show me ads for products I’ve only dreamt about and haven’t mentioned to another living soul. It’s creepy and a bad look. But please. Continue to show me ads for products I actually want and do what you gotta do to know it. Maybe it’s the millennial in me, but I see it as a time saver.

We’re not asking a lot, so I hope the social giants are listening. If Zuck and co. put their dollas where their hollas are, together we can make social great again.


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