To Snap or to Insta-snap…

On the sixth day, God created Snapchat and on the seventh day, while God was resting, Facebook did it better.

Now don’t get me wrong. I still snap. @sociallyfox is where you can find me bored in traffic, bitching about exercising, and of course, shamelessly posting food pics that make me look WAY healthier than I actually am. I post almost exclusively to my story. If you get a snap from me it’s because (a) it was intended for you or (b) my fat sausage fingers were movin too fast.

For work, though, Insta-snap is my JAM! The 24hr camera roll feature allows you to curate your coverage of a live event. Snapchat is (un)organized chaos. I work for an International org, and we were present at 3 different science marches and if I was relying on Snapchat, our feed would have looked schizophrenic because Julie in DC LOVES hashtags and Rob in Boston is obsessed with adding sunglasses and moustache emojis to everyone’s faces… each post would have looked alien to the next.

Enter: Instasnap. Everyone sent me their photos and I was able to determine order, filter, text, emojis, and hashtags – acting as a central hub. Our story ended up looking like a cohesive representation of our day rather than a potpourri of snapersonalities.

On a personal level, I use both. Snap is home to more ‘extracurricular’ photos and videos – drinks with friends, snaps on the sly, more random fun. Insta-snaps usually chronicle an event appropriate for all of my husband’s aunts and parents to see – i.e. my first time doing hot yoga — which really ended up being hours of panic-stricken anxiety riddled ramblings leading up to what ended up being an awesome time.

I think there’s a reason to be on any channel that you want to be on and you don’t have to choose one over another. Snapchat is awesome, Instasnap is too. Snap anywhere you want! Except in FB messenger. That shit is wack. For now…



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