The Best Christmas Gifts

I know, I know… SO cliché. really? Your favorite gift is your family? Barf. But for real. My brothers (the beardy one on the right is Luke and the slightly less beardy one on the left is Joey) have grown into such impressive men.

Luke is eight years younger than me. I used to change his diapers, I taught him how to swim, I helped him learn to read. Now, he’s a full-grown human. After a failed attempt at learning to drive stick in my husband’s Saab, LUKE tried teaching me in his car. In his car. Because he drives. Because he’s a grown-up. That will never not be weird for me.

Not only is he a grown up, but he’s one of the good ones. He’s loyal, genuine, hardworking and really, really fun. He and my mom came for a visit around the holidays and we just had the very best time. Laughing, reminiscing, letting the good times roll. He’s pictured with mini-beers which are quite possibly the very best invention ever. Here’s the recipe:


  • Mini Beer Steins (eBay them and make sure you get glass – it’s classier)
  • 43 – Spanish liquor
  • Heavy Cream
  • Mini Spoon

Fill each of your mini beer steins 2/3 the way filled with 43

Fill the reamining 1/3 with cream by pouring on top over the back of the spoon

Say the cheers: ¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro! which means translates to ‘Up, down, center, inside’ — here’s a really drunk YouTube video to show you the jist of the associated hand motions.

**I have to thank my in-laws for introducing us to this magical elixir. And they were introduced from their fabulous life long friends the Norris’. And I believe they were introduced by a Spaniard living in the hills of Barcelona… or google.

Then there’s Joe. He’s five years younger than me and five times more mature. And I don’t mean that in the sense that he doesn’t laugh at fart jokes, because he does. What I mean by that is – the kid is a level. His moral compass is the most aligned of anyone I’ve ever known or even just heard of. I am SO lucky he’s my brother and he has to give me advice whenever I want it. Or else you know… I’d tell mom.

He visited with his partner Riley (the other tall drink of water in the photo) and until I met Riley, I don’t think I’d ever met anyone smarter than Joey (who is currently getting his PhD to become a robot scientist for christ sakes). But… Riley. Man. If those two ever have a child together… let’s just hope he or she uses their powers for good and not evil. That kid will rule the world one way or the other.

And then there’s the woman who made it all possible, in the middle photo, hiding from Snapchat, as she does. My mom just enjoys sitting back and watching her kids have fun. If it wasn’t filled with so much happiness and love, it would be sad. Her greatest enjoyment in life is watching us be happy. Truly. Me and the boys chat, she beams. When your parents transition from being parents to being friends, it’s a really cool feeling. It happened for me a while ago, and just like the thought of baby Luke having an ATM pin code… I’m happily surprised by it every day.

Family is incredibly important to me. And these are just three members. There are lots more. I have a sister, a Dad, a father-in-law, a mother-in-law and a sister-in-law and I love em all. This was about my bros and the woman who brought them into my life… lots more to come on the others.


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