My Dear John Letter to My Own Social

Dear @sociallyfox Social Channels,

It’s not you, it’s me. I’m sorry I haven’t given you the time or attention you so desperately need to flourish.

You see, the truth is… I’ve been seeing other social. And I wish I could say it was just a one time thing, but it’s been going on now for years. I’ve been managing social channels for other people. Independent businesses, town associations… even International organizations. The craziest thing?? I’m not even ashamed. I’m proud! I love it!

But, I love you too. That’s why this is hard.

Would I enjoy having the time to update my status on Facebook? Yes! Do I wish I had more time to actually Insta rather than just Snap? Of course. Am I satisfied with my intermittent tweets? You know I’m not. But, I LOVE my job(s). And I still get to see you when I’m posting as other businesses. I love our time together, I hope you do too.

I propose we’re mature about this. We have a great time together.  Let’s not ruin a good thing. You need to understand that just because I’m not posting to you as much as I’d like… it doesn’t undermine your value. I know how important you are and I’ll try to be better. Just bear with me… because my clients’ social is killin’ it.

Yours Socially,



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