What makes me qualified?

I’m glad you asked! That’s a really important consideration when deciding to hire someone to handle such a public facing portion of your brand. Here’s why I’m your girl:

  • Firstly, Facebook and I came of age at the same time. In 2004 when Facebook was first made available to college students, guess where I was? In my dorm room, friending Mark Zuckerberg. By the time I graduated, I had close to ten local clients and was wholly responsible for the content of their pages.
  • It’s not just fun and games for me – using social platforms as marketing tools is something I’ve done full time for the last six years. Facebook’s motto is “move fast and break stuff” and I’ve been along for the ride since its genesis. It’s my job to stay on top of evolutions and trends.
  • Buy a marketer, get a writer free. As an English major, I have a natural (albeit annoying) affinity for grammar, syntax and the written word in general. In addition to social marketing, I love to write blogs. No matter what your business – having a blog is a fantastic way to add some personality to your brand.
  • Social media is à la carte. So are my services. Don’t need it? Don’t get it. There’s a lot out there and if Snapchat won’t help your business, I won’t suggest it. It’s important to diversify your social, but it’s equally as important to stay true to your brand. I can help you do both.
  • We can just date – we don’t need to get married. If you have a dedicated social media staff (whether it’s one person, a team, or you) – I can help. I’ve hosted trainings on everything from how to tweet to in depth insight analytics and targeted social advertising.

I am happy to meet for coffee, stop by your business, or Skype to tell you a little bit more about the lot I can do for your brand.

Yours Socially,



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